Task and system description papers

The following papers will be published in the proceedings of the *SEM Conference. The link to the ACL Anthology will be provided soon.

Task description
  • Roser Morante and Eduardo Blanco. *SEM 2012 Shared Task: Resolving the Scope and Focus of Negation. [Slides]
System descriptions
  • Amjad Abu-Jbara and Dragomir Radev. UMichigan: A Conditional Random Field Model for Resolving the Scope of Negation.
  • Miguel Ballesteros, Alberto Díaz, Virginia Francisco, Pablo Gervás, Jorge Carrillo de Albornoz and Laura Plaza. UCM-2: a Rule-Based Approach to Infer the Scope of Negation via Dependency Parsing. [Slides]
  • Valerio Basile, Johan Bos, Kilian Evang and Noortje Venhuizen. UGroningen: Negation detection with Discourse Representation Structures. [Slides]
  • Jorge Carrillo de Albornoz, Laura Plaza, Alberto Díaz and Miguel Ballesteros. UCM-I: A Rule-based Syntactic Approach for Resolving the Scope of Negation. [Slides]
  • Binod Gyawali and Thamar Solorio. UABCoRAL: A Preliminary study for Resolving the Scope of Negation
  • Emanuele Lapponi, Erik Velldal, Lilja Øvrelid and Jonathon Read. UiO2: Sequence-Labeling Negation Using Dependency Features.
  • Md. Faisal Mahbub Chowdhury. FBK: Exploiting Phrasal and Contextual Clues for Negation Scope Detection.
  • Sabine Rosenberg and Sabine Bergler. UConcordia: CLaC Negation Focus Detection at *Sem 2012.
  • Jonathon Read, Erik Velldal, Lilja Øvrelid and Stephan Oepen. UiO1: Constituent-Based Discriminative Ranking for Negation Resolution. [Slides]
  • James Paul White. UWashington: Negation Resolution using Machine Learning Methods. [Slides]