Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning (CoNLL-2010)

Venue: Uppsala University Main Building ("Universitetshuset") aka Venue A, Biskopsgatan 3, Uppsala (map, Streetview)

Conference PROGRAM

Thursday, July 15, 2010

9:00–9:15Opening Remarks
 Session 1: Parsing (9:15–10:30); chair: James Curran
9:15–9:40Improvements in unsupervised co-occurrence based parsing
Christian Hänig
9:40–10:05Viterbi Training Improves Unsupervised Dependency Parsing
Valentin I. Spitkovsky, Hiyan Alshawi, Daniel Jurafsky and Christopher D. Manning
10:05–10:30Driving Semantic Parsing from the World’s Response
James Clarke, Dan Goldwasser, Ming-Wei Chang and Dan Roth
 Session 2: Grammar Induction (11:00–12:15); chair: Joakim Nivre
11:00–11:25Efficient, correct, unsupervised learning for context-sensitive languages (pdf slides)
Alexander Clark
11:25–11:50Identifying Patterns for Unsupervised Grammar Induction
Jesús Santamaría and Lourdes Araujo
11:50–12:15Learning Better Monolingual Models with Unannotated Bilingual Text
David Burkett, Slav Petrov, John Blitzer and Dan Klein
14:15–15:30Invited talk (chair: Lluís Màrquez) CANCELLED
Clueless: Explorations in unsupervised, knowledge-lean extraction of lexical-semantic information (pdf slides)
Lillian Lee
 CoNLL-2010 Shared Task, Overview and Oral Presentations (16:00–17:30)
16:00–16:20The CoNLL-2010 Shared Task: Learning to Detect Hedges and their Scope in Natural Language Text
Richárd Farkas, Veronika Vincze, György Móra, János Csirik and György Szarvas
16:20–16:30A Cascade Method for Detecting Hedges and their Scope in Natural Language Text
Buzhou Tang, Xiaolong Wang, Xuan Wang, Bo Yuan and Shixi Fan
16:30–16:40Detecting Speculative Language using Syntactic Dependencies and Logistic Regression
Andreas Vlachos and Mark Craven
16:40–16:50A Hedgehop over a Max-margin Framework using Hedge Cues
Maria Georgescul
16:50–17:00Detecting Hedge Cues and their Scopes with Average Perceptron
Feng Ji, Xipeng Qiu and Xuanjing Huang
17:00–17:10Memory-based Resolution of In-sentence Scopes of Hedge Cues
Roser Morante, Vincent Van Asch and Walter Daelemans
17:10–17:20Resolving Speculation: MaxEnt Cue Classification and Dependency-Based Scope Rules
Erik Velldal, Lilja
vrelid and Stephan Oepen
17:20–17:30Combining Manual Rules and Supervised Learning for Hedge Cue and Scope Detection
Marek Rei and Ted Briscoe
 Shared Task Discussion Panel (17:30–18:00)

Friday, July 16, 2010

9:15–10:30Invited Talk (chair: Mark Johnson)
Bayesian Hidden Markov Models and Extensions (pdf slides)
Zoubin Ghahramani
 Joint Poster Session: Main conference and shared task posters (11:00–12:30)
11:00–12:30Main conference posters
 Improved Unsupervised POS Induction Using Intrinsic Clustering Quality and a Zipfian Constraint
Roi Reichart, Raanan Fattal and Ari Rappoport
 Syntactic and Semantic Structure for Opinion Expression Detection
Richard Johansson and Alessandro Moschitti
 Type Level Clustering Evaluation: New Measures and a POS Induction Case Study
Roi Reichart, Omri Abend and Ari Rappoport
 Recession Segmentation: Simpler Online Word Segmentation Using Limited Resources
Constantine Lignos and Charles Yang
 Computing Optimal Alignments for the IBM-3 Translation Model
Thomas Schoenemann
 Semi-Supervised Recognition of Sarcasm in Twitter and Amazon
Dmitry Davidov, Oren Tsur and Ari Rappoport
 Learning Probabilistic Synchronous CFGs for Phrase-based Translation
Markos Mylonakis and Khalil Sima’an
 A Semi-Supervised Batch-Mode Active Learning Strategy for Improved Statistical Machine Translation
Sankaranarayanan Ananthakrishnan, Rohit Prasad, David Stallard and Prem Natarajan
 Improving Word Alignment by Semi-supervised Ensemble
Shujian Huang, Kangxi Li, Xinyu Dai and Jiajun Chen
 A Comparative Study of Bayesian Models for Unsupervised Sentiment Detection
Chenghua Lin, Yulan He and Richard Everson
 A Hybrid Approach to Emotional Sentence Polarity and Intensity Classification
Jorge Carrillo de Albornoz, Laura Plaza and Pablo Gervás
 Cross-caption coreference resolution for automatic image understanding
Micah Hodosh, Peter Young, Cyrus Rashtchian and Julia Hockenmaier
 Improved Natural Language Learning via Variance-Regularization Support Vector Machines
Shane Bergsma, Dekang Lin and Dale Schuurmans
11:00–12:30Shared Task posters: Systems for Shared Task 1 and 2

Hedge Detection using the RelHunter Approach
Eraldo Fernandes, Carlos Crestana and Ruy Milidiú

A High-Precision Approach to Detecting Hedges and Their Scopes
Halil Kilicoglu and Sabine Bergler

Exploiting Rich Features for Detecting Hedges and Their Scope
Xinxin Li, Jianping Shen, Xiang Gao and Xuan Wang

Uncertainty Detection as Approximate Max-Margin Sequence Labelling
Oscar Täckström, Sumithra Velupillai, Martin Hassel, Gunnar Eriksson, Hercules Dalianis and Jussi Karlgren

Hedge Detection and Scope Finding by Sequence Labeling with Procedural Feature Selection
Shaodian Zhang, Hai Zhao, Guodong Zhou and Bao-liang Lu

Learning to Detect Hedges and their Scope using CRF
Qi Zhao, Chengjie Sun, Bingquan Liu and Yong Cheng

Exploiting Multi-Features to Detect Hedges and Their Scope in Biomedical Texts
Huiwei Zhou, Xiaoyan Li, Degen Huang, Zezhong Li and Yuansheng Yang

11:00–12:30Shared Task posters: Systems for Shared Task 1

A Lucene and Maximum Entropy Model Based Hedge Detection System
Lin Chen and Barbara Di Eugenio

HedgeHunter: A System for Hedge Detection and Uncertainty Classification
David Clausen

Uncertainty Learning using SVMs and CRFs
Vinodkumar Prabhakaran

Exploiting CCG Structures with Tree Kernels for Speculation Detection
Liliana Paola Mamani Sanchez, Baoli Li and Carl Vogel

Features for Detecting Hedge Cues
Nobuyuki Shimizu and Hiroshi Nakagawa

A Simple Ensemble Method for Hedge Identification
Ferenc Szidarovszky, Illés Solt and Domonkos Tikk

A Baseline Approach for Detecting Sentences Containing Uncertainty
Erik Tjong Kim Sang

Hedge Classification with Syntactic Dependency Features based on an Ensemble Classifier
Yi Zheng, Qifeng Dai, Qiming Luo and Enhong Chen
 Session 3: Semantics and Information Extraction (14:00–15:15); chair: Roi Reichart
14:00–14:25Online Entropy-based Model of Lexical Category Acquisition
Grzegorz Chrupała and Afra Alishahi
14:25–14:50Tagging and Linking Web Forum Posts
Su Nam Kim, Li Wang and Timothy Baldwin
14:50–15:15Joint Entity and Relation Extraction using Card-Pyramid Parsing
Rohit Kate and Raymond Mooney
 Session 4: Machine learning (16:00–17:15); chair: Dan Roth
16:00–16:25Distributed Asynchronous Online Learning for Natural Language Processing
Kevin Gimpel, Dipanjan Das and Noah A. Smith
16:25–16:50On Reverse Feature Engineering of Syntactic Tree Kernels
Daniele Pighin and Alessandro Moschitti
16:50–17:15Inspecting the Structural Biases of Dependency Parsing Algorithms
Yoav Goldberg and Michael Elhadad
 Closing Session (17:15–17:45)
17:15–17:45SIGNLL Business Meeting and Best Paper Award