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For up to date information about courses see my University of Antwerp page

Material for students

[Outdated but parts still useful.]

Some general starting points on computational linguistics can be found here

Some starting points for computational stylometry can be found here

Resources for University of Antwerp MA students in Computational Linguistics can be found here [in Dutch]

Recent Tutorials

International Summer School on Language, Logic, and Information (ESSLLI'03), Memory-Based Language Processing, Vienna 2003.

ECML-PKDD tutorial Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing, Berlin 2006.

PhD School in Language and Speech Technologies, Machine Learning Approaches to developing language processing modules, Tarragona 2006.

LOT Summerschool Machine Learning for modeling in psycholinguistics, Leuven 2007.

Interspeech Tutorial Machine Learning for Text and Speech Processing, Antwerpen 2007.

Swedish Graduate School of Language Technology, Memory-Based Learning, Göteborg 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2009.

International Summer School in Language and Speech Technologies (SSLST 2011), Computational Stylometry, Tarragona 2011.

New Applications of Automatic Text Categorization, CSIR, Pretoria, 2012.

Memory-Based Models of Language Acquisition and Processing (with Antal van den Bosch), IASCL, Amsterdam, 2014.

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