Automatic Multi-document Summarization Demo for Dutch

This automatic summarization demo can summarize up to three documents simultaneously. The summarizer works as follows.
It starts with recognizing the separate sentences in the texts. Next it computes for each sentence an importance score.
The system sorts the sentences on their importance and extracts the most important 25%(by default) as summary.

Type or paste pieces of Dutch text in the boxes. (The maximum input size of this demo is 15000 characters.)
You can get the latest news here or you can go to this page in which we already filled in the fields for you.

Input: 0 characters(max =5000)

Input: 0 characters(max =5000)

Input: 0 characters(max =5000)
Compression percentage (between 0 and 100)

The Dutch Summarizer is based on the MEAD summarization toolkit. More information about this demo can be found here.
In case of problems, please contact Iris Hendrickx.

CLIPS last updated: Feb 2012