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TMR Network - Learning Computational Grammars

Learning Computational Grammars (LCG) was a project funded by the European Community's Training and Mobility of Researchers programme. The project began 1 April 1998 and has run for four years. The goals of the network were to explore machine learning techniques for natural language. There was a focus on comparison of results based on attempts to learn noun phrase structure in English. Work on French and German was also possible. See the project proposal for a more detailed sketch.

PARTICIPANTS: Seven research institutions participate in the TMR-LCG network: Groningen (coordinator), Antwerp, Cambridge, Dublin, Geneva, Grenoble and Tübingen.

MEETINGS: May 2000, February 2001 and July 2001
The project is approaching its end. No more meetings have been planned.

TEXTS: network proposal, research tasks, papers
Here you can find both organisatorial and scientific texts related to the TMR-LCG network.

RESOURCES: corpora, software, demos, mailing list, misc, links
We recommend taking a look at the online demonstrations prepared by the network participants.


John Nerbonne (TMR-LCG Network Coordinator), University of Groningen, P.O.Box 716, 9700 AS Groningen, The Netherlands. Telephone: +31 50 363 5815. Fax: +31 50 363 6855. E-mail: Network home page:

Last update: December 19, 2002.
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