African Language Technology

Automatic Diacritic Restoration for African Languages
English ↔ Luo Machine Translation
Northern Sotho Part-of-Speech Tagger
Swahili Part-of-Speech Tagger


GRAVITAL Graphical Language Processing gravital
Stylene demo stylene
Verkleinwoorden wetenschapsweek

Other Demos

Feature-label association starling
Sequence translation starling

Semantic Analysis

COREA Coreference stevin-corea
Negation/speculation demo biograph
NEON/DAESO Sentence compression daeso, neon
ONTOBASIS ontobasis

Shallow Parsing

Memory-Based Shallow Parsing of English biomint
Memory-Based Shallow Parsing of English (file upload) biomint

Text Mining

ATraNoS Dutch Summarization atranos
Dutch Multi-Document Summarization
MUSA English Summarization musa
TACTiCS Tool for Analyzing and Categorizing Text using Characteristics of Style stylometry