Creative Commons License

CLiPS Research Center, University of Antwerp
Frederik Vaassen, Walter Daelemans

e-Media Lab, Groep T
Jeroen Wauters, Frederik Van Broekhoven, Maarten Van Overveldt, Koen Eneman


The deLearyous dataset is a Dutch (Flemish) dataset for emotion classification following the framework of Leary's Rose, also known as the Interpersonal Circumplex. The dataset contains 11 conversations that were annotated on the sentence level with their position on Leary's Rose, in function of the two defining dimensions: "dominance", and "affinity".

In addition to having been annotated with discrete class labels (8 octants and a "neutral" class), the dataset also contains fine-grained annotations, with continuous values across the defining axes.


This dataset was created in the context of the IWT-TETRA project deLearyous (2010-2012).


If you use this dataset in your research, make sure to cite the following paper:

Vaassen, Frederik & Daelemans Walter (2011). Automatic Emotion Classification for Interpersonal Communication. In: Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Computational Approaches to Subjectivity and Sentiment Analysis (WASSA 2.011). Portland, Oregon, USA.

Vaassen Frederik, Wauters Jeroen, Van Broeckhoven Frederik, Van Overveldt Maarten, Eneman Koen, & Daelemans Walter. (2012).  deLearyous: Training Interpersonal Communication Skills Using Unconstrained Text Input. (Patrick Felicia, Ed.). In: Proceedings of ECGBL 2012, The 6th European Conference on Games Based Learning. Cork, Ireland.