Authorship Verification: A Fundamental Task in Authorship Attribution

Wednesday, January 27, 2016 - 15:00 - 16:30
Annexe, Building R, Stadcampus, University of Antwerp
Efstathios Stamatatos

Authorship attribution is a task of increasing importance in computer science and it is associated with a wide range of applications, from literary research to forensic examinations. The most common framework for testing attribution algorithms is a text classification problem: given known sample documents from a small, finite set of candidate authors, which if any wrote a questioned document of unknown authorship? It has been commented, however, that this may be an unreasonably easy task. A more demanding problem is author verification where given a set of documents by a single author and a questioned document, the problem is to determine if the questioned document was written by that particular author or not. This may more accurately reflect real life in the experiences of professional forensic linguists, who are often called upon to answer this kind of question. Authorship verification is a fundamental task in authorship attribution since any given problem can be decomposed into a series of verification cases. In this talk we will focus on the recent efforts of the PAN evaluation campaigns to establish a common and challenging evaluation framework for this task. The main stylometric methods suitable for this task together with basic verification models will be reviewed and available resources will be presented. Open research questions will be discussed and the relationship of authorship verification to other relevant tasks will be highlighted.


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