Some Thoughts on Rule-Based Conversion between Dutch and Afrikaans

Tuesday, February 2, 2010 - 14:00
Gerhard van Huyssteen

About the speaker

Gerhard van Huyssteen (homepage) is Research Group Leader at the HLT research group of the Meraka Institute, CSIR, South-Africa. The work presented during the colloquium is joint work with Suléne Pilon, Centre for Text Technology, North-West University


We describe the development and performance of a rule-based Dutch-to-Afrikaans convertor, with the aim to transform Dutch text so that it looks more like an Afrikaans text. Our convertor is a first step in creating a Afrikaans-to-Dutch convertor, which could be used for fast-tracking the development of resources for resource-scarce languages from a well-sourced language to a closely-related, under-sourced language. The rules we used is based on systematic orthographic, morphosyntactic and lexical differences between the two languages, which we describe in detail. We take a modular approach to the design of the system, in order to facilitate easy adaptations and changes during experimentation - specifically for linguists/language students, who might not have a good command of Perl. We report on various evaluation results, and discuss various strategies for further optimisation and future work.


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