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Optimized for generic English text (WSJ-trained MBSP: eng)
Optimized for English bio-medical text (BioMinT MBSP: eng-biomint)

MBSP is a set of linguistic tools based on the Timbl and Mbt memory based learning applications developed at CLiPS and ILK. It provides tools for Part of Speech tagging, Chunking, Lemmatizing, Relation Finding and (for medical language) Semantic tagging.
The general English version of MBSP has been trained on data from the Wall Street Journal corpus, the (bio-)medical English version was originally developed for use in the BioMinT Text Mining Tool and uses training data from the GENIA corpus.


Daelemans, W., Bucholz, S., and Veenstra, J. (1999) Memory-Based Shallow Parsing. Proceedings of CoNLL-99, Bergen, Norway, pp. 53-60 [pdf].

This web interface to the CLiPS Memory Based Shallow Parser is provided to demonstrate the current state of the parsing software. To minimize server load the demo is limited to an input of 200 characters.

This demo is intended for interactive use, we do not allow you to use automated scripts to access this website. If you want to parse longer sentences or entire texts, your properly motivated request to the webmaster will be considered on a per-request basis.