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Sometimes, you have the evaluation scores of one class, but you want to inspect the entire scoring table. For binary problems, you can specify 4 values below and, if possible, the full result table is shown.

Once you entered one value, red boxes indicate which values are needed to get the quickest to a full table, but other combinations may also be implemented. As long as red boxes appear, you need to enter more values. Only the most frequent combinations of 4 values are implemented.

class A
class B

Clear table

For binary problems, all micro-averaged scores are the same as the accuracy. Precision, recall, F1 and accuracy scores should be entered as percentages.

SVMLight example

An example why you want to use this converter, is for the output of SVMLight V6.02. Its output looks like:

SVMLigh output

Consider the positive class to be class A. Filling in the total correct ones (941), precision on class A (65.22%), recall on class A (93.75%), and the total number of instances (950) is sufficient to get the full scoring table.