ATraNoS Dutch Summarization Demo

This is a sentence summarization demo for Dutch with was developed in the framework of the ATraNoS project. There is a demo available for English as well (part of the MUSA project). This web page provides access to four systems: a rule-based system, a memory-based learner, a hybrid rules+statistics method (developed by Vincent Vandeghinste) and a baseline technique. The contact person for this demo is Erik Tjong Kim Sang, CNTS - Language Technology Group, University of Antwerp.

Please enter a Dutch sentence below and press the summarize button. Suggestion:
De Amerikaanse president George Bush en de Britse premier Blair zullen elkaar op Camp David ontmoeten .

Show intermediate stages: no yes
Assumed input format: text speech
Summarization method: rule-based summarization (memory-based is no longer operational)
Target compression rate: %

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