tonal dialects

Tonal Dialects in Dutch: Structure, Perception and Function

Project information

The objective of this project is to study tonal structures of a number of Limburgian dialects, as spoken in The Netherlands and Flanders. The goals of the project are: (1) to collect prosodic data for a number of Limburgian dialects and to describe their phonological structures, (2) to exploit existing and newly collected data to study to what extent the specific tonal contrasts are perceptually relevant for listeners and (3) to investigate whether such tonal differences can influence the semantic-pragmatic interpretation of an utterance.

01/01/2002 - 31/12/2005

Vlaams-Nederlands Comité voor Nederlandse Taal- en Cultuur ("Flemish - Dutch Committee for Dutch Language and Culture") under the auspices of the Belgian National Science Foundation (NFWO) and the Dutch Science Foundation (NWO)

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