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Adolescent chat language in Flanders

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-To what extent do Flemish teenagers integrate morpho-syntactic and phonological features of the Brabantic regiolect in their chat language?

-What is the impact of the independent variable ‘hometown’? Is there a correlation between the relative representation of Brabantic regiolect features and the region where the chatters come from? To what extent do teenagers from the provinces of West-Flanders, East-Flanders and Limburg integrate morpho-syntactic and phonological features from the Brabantic regiolect in their chat language? In other words: to what extent do the data reveal an expansion of Brabantic features?

-What is the impact of local versus supraregional communication? Do teenagers who do not live in the Brabantic dialect area use more morpho-syntactic and phonological Brabantic features in ‘interregional’ than in ‘intraregional’ or local chat communication?

-----Do the answers to the previous questions confirm the hypothesis that the linguistic situation in Flanders is marked by an autonomous informal standardisation process which is marked by a generalization/increasing use of the Brabantic ‘tussentaal’ (regiolect, intermediate language)?

-What is the pragmatic function of several varieties? What is the position and function of English in the linguistic repertoire of Flemish teenagers? How does the chat language of Flemish teenagers connect with the international chat culture?

-----What are the implications of this study with respect to the relevance/applicability of chat data for the study of language variation and language change in progress?

01/10/2010 - 30/09/2014
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