BioMinT: Biological Text Mining

Project information

The goal of the BioMinT project is to develop a generic text mining tool that (1) interprets diverse types of query, (2) retrieves relevant documents from the biological literature, (3) extracts the required information, and (4) outputs the result as a database slot filler or as a structured report. The consortium consists of biologists (University of Manchester, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics) and data/text mining groups (CLiPS Antwerp, PharmaDM, Austrian research Institute for AI, University of Geneva AI Lab).

01/01/2003 - 31/03/2006

EU Fifth Framework QOL

Memory-Based Shallow Parsing of English


MBSP is a set of linguistic tools based on the Timbl and Mbt memory based learning applications developed at CLiPS and ILK

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