ATRANOS: Automatic Transcription and Normalisation of Speech

Project information

The project aims at contributing to the development of better products for the automatic verbatim transcription of speech, and for the conversion of these transcriptions to a form that is better adapted to the needs of the end-user. One application which will be studied as a case study is the generation of subtitles for the benefit of hearing-impaired people. CLiPS will investigate learning techniques for the transcription of out-of-vocabulary items, and statistical techniques for aligning and predicting subtitle text from transcriptions.

01/10/2000 - 30/09/2004

IWT STWW (Strategische Technologieën voor Welzijn en Welvaart), TOP project

ATraNoS Dutch Summarization


This is a sentence summarization demo for Dutch with was developed in the framework of the ATraNoS project.

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