AMiCA nominated for LIA award


Research project AMiCA on on-line safety for youngsters is nominated for a language industry award


Article in Dwars on cyberbullying


The student magazine Dwars published an article on cyberbully detection in Dutch.

It is available online here:

Congratulations dr. Janneke Van De Loo

On November 28, Janneke Van de Loo succesfully defended her PhD, entitled Machine Learning Approaches to Modeling Language Use of Individuals and Demographic Groups.

Symposium of AMiCA project


On the occasion of the end of the AMiCA project, a symposium on Youngsters and Online Safety was organised on December 9th. More information can be found at 

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Verhoeven, B., Plank B., & Daelemans W. (In Press).  Multilingual personality profiling on Twitter. To be presented at DHBenelux 2016, Belval, Luxembourg.
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