ACCUMULATE: Acquiring crucial medical information using language technology


The ACCUMULATE project will automatically recognise crucial information in the free text of clinical reports written in English and Dutch by designing, developing and evaluating advanced language technology (LT) for deep semantic processing of the texts that are often morpho-syntactically not well-formed. An additional focus is on easy portability of the technology across domains and languages and on the use of visualisation techniques.

Project information
01/01/2016 - 31/12/2019

IWT - Flemish Agency for Innovation, Science and Technology

Welcome to Stephan Tulkens and Simon Suster

We welcomed Stephan Tulkens and Simon Suster this week. Both will be working on the ACCUMULATE project, sponsored by IWT.

Madhumita and Pieter Fivez start on ACCUMULATE

The Accumulate project has two new predoctoral researchers as project members.

Pieter Fivez will be affiliated with CLiPS, University of Antwerp.

Madhumita will be affiliated with University Hospital Antwerp (UZA), but will pursue her PhD under supervision of prof. Walter Daelemans at CLiPS, University of Antwerp.

FWO mandate for Stéphan Tulkens

Congratulations to Stéphan Tulkens who received an FWO predoctoral mandate for research on The Role of Semantics in Modelling the Bilingual Mental Lexicon.

Stéphan previously worken on the Accumulate project and will be replaced there by Pieter Fivez.

Tulkens, S., Emmery C., & Daelemans W. (2016).  Evaluating Unsupervised Dutch Word Embeddings as a Linguistic Resource. Proceedings of the 10th Annual Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2016). PDF
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