Overview of the Author Identification Task at PAN 2014

TitleOverview of the Author Identification Task at PAN 2014
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsStamatatos, E., Daelemans W., Verhoeven B., Stein B., Potthast M., Juola P., Sánchez-Pérez M. A., & Barrón-Cedeño A.
Conference NameCLEF 2014 Evaluation Labs and Workshop – Working Notes Papers
Date Published2014/09/18
Conference LocationSheffield, UK

The author identification task at PAN-2014 focuses on author verification. Similar to PAN-2013 we are given a set of documents by the same author along with exactly one document of questioned authorship, and the task is to determine whether the known and the questioned documents are by the same author or not. In comparison to PAN-2013, a significantly larger corpus was built comprising hundreds of documents in four natural languages (Dutch, English, Greek, and Spanish) and four genres (essays, reviews, novels, opinion articles). In addition, more suitable performance measures are used focusing on the accuracy and the confidence of the predictions as well as the ability of the submitted methods to leave some problems unanswered in case there is great uncertainty. To this end, we adopt the c@1 measure, originally proposed for the question answering task. We received 13 software submissions that were evaluated in the TIRA framework. Analytical evaluation results are presented where one language-independent approach serves as a challenging baseline. Moreover, we continue the successful practice of the PAN labs to examine meta-models based on the combination of all submitted systems. Last but not least, we provide statistical significance tests to demonstrate the important differences between the submitted approaches.