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Rys, K., & Oosterhof A. (2016).  Fragment answers with infinitives in a Flemish dialect. LIN 2016 (Linguistics in the Netherlands 2016). 33, Abstract
Schaffel-Bremenkamp, E., & Rys K. (2016).  Assessing the linguistic vitality and registering the grammar of Zeeuws in Brazil. Presented at the workshop Linguistic Variation in South America, Leiden University Centre for Linguistics, Leiden, The Netherlands. Abstract
Kloots, H., Gillis S., & Verhoeven J. (2016).  Vlugge spraak = vluchtige sjwa's? De relatie tussen spreektempo en sjwa-insertie in het Standaardnederlands. Presented at the Taaldag of the Belgische Kring voor Linguïstiek, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium..
schwa epenthesis
Oosterhof, A., & Rys K. (2016).  Over fragmentarische antwoorden met infinitieven in Maldegems dialect. Presented at De Grote Taaldag 2016: AVT TIN-dag en ANéLA TTiN-dag. Utrecht, The Netherlands..
Verhoeven, B., Daelemans W., & Plank B. (2016).  Creating TwiSty: Corpus Development and Statistics. CLiPS Technical Report Series (CTRS). PDF
amica stylometry
Tulkens, S., Hilte L., Lodewyckx E., Verhoeven B., & Daelemans W. (2016).  A Dictionary-based Approach to Racism Detection in Dutch Social Media. Proceedings of the Workshop on Text Analytics for Cybersecurity and Online Safety (TA-COS 2016). PDF
Tulkens, S., Emmery C., & Daelemans W. (2016).  Evaluating Unsupervised Dutch Word Embeddings as a Linguistic Resource. Proceedings of the 10th Annual Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2016). PDF
Verhoeven, B., Daelemans W., & Plank B. (2016).  TwiSty: a multilingual Twitter Stylometry corpus for gender and personality profiling. Proceedings of the 10th Annual Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2016). PDF
amica stylometry
Verhoeven, B., & Daelemans W. (2016).  Discourse features for computational stylometry. Presented at University of Groningen, The Netherlands. PDF
Vanormelingen, L., De Maeyer S., & Gillis S. (2016).  A comparison of mother and child language in normally-hearing and hearing-impaired children with a cochlear implant. Language, Interaction and Acquisition. 7(2), 145-179.
child-directed speech and language development
Cassani, G., Grimm R., Gillis S., & Daelemans W. (2016).  Constraining the search space in cross-situational word learning: Different models make different predictions. Proceedings of the 38th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society. PDF
computational psycholinguistics
van de Loo, J., De Pauw G., & Daelemans W. (2016).  Text-Based Age and Gender Prediction for Online Safety Monitoring. The International Journal of Cyber-Security and Digital Forensics. 5(1), 46-60.PDF