Archive of early Computational Linguistics publications in Belgium and the Netherlands

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Hugo Brandt Corstius was the first to write a PhD on computational linguistics in the Low Countries. This was as early as 1970. Now, 40 years later, the field of computational linguistics has grown tremendously and computational linguistics is an active research area in Belgium and The Netherlands.

The publications that founded and defined this research field, dating from the sixties and seventies, are often not digitized and difficult to access for research purposes. CLiPS requested the Flemish and Dutch founders of computational linguistics to make (some of) their early publications available for digitizing and Optical Character Recognition (OCR). The typed documents are scanned into digital PDF's, after which OCR makes them searchable.

The documents we currently present are several articles (among which several of the first papers in the Antwerp Papers in Linguistics series) and the PhD dissertation (supervised by Hugo Brandt Corstius) of Luc Steels, ranging from 1974 to 1979 and written at the former UIA at Antwerp, Belgium. Our goal is to collect and make available a complete overview of computational linguistics research in the Low Countries in the sixties and seventies. If you have relevant material that you can donate, please contact us. 

The archive is an initiative of Walter Daelemans, with help from Frederik Vaassen and Tom De Smedt (web-archive) and Guy De Pauw and Sarah Schrauwen (digitization and OCR techniques).