Distributional semantics in identification and applications of lexical anomalies

Wednesday, November 30, 2016 - 15:00 - 16:30
Annexe to the R building (University of Antwerp City Campus)
Polina Panicheva

ABSTRACT - Lexical anomalies are viewed as choices of lexical items in context violating certain contextual restrictions. The notion can be effectively applied to measuring syntagmatic association strength in compositions, analyzing lexical errors by native speakers and L2-learners, and figurative language constructions, especially conceptual metaphor. State-of-the-art semantic models, i.e. word- embeddings, present strong and simple techniques for semantic analysis of syntagmatic (collocations) and paradigmatic (synonyms, semantic regularities) relations. The talk covers recent advances in applying word-embeddings to association strength measurement, detection and interpretation of lexical errors in Russian, and metaphorical expressions in English.


BIO - Polina Panicheva is a doctoral student at the Department of mathematical linguistics and a research engineer at the Department of general psychology, Saint Petersburg State University, Russia. Additionally, she received an MSc in Information Technology from ITT Dublin, Ireland in 2011. Her research interests include computational approaches to subjective language and stylometry, distributional semantics and lexical anomalies in Russian. She is working on a project on the linguistic markers of aggression, stress, health and well-being in social networks, and her PhD project is concerned with distributional approaches to lexical anomalies.

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