CoNLL 2017: Program

Thursday, August 3, 2017 - Room TBA
08:45 - 09:00    Opening Remarks
09:00 - 10:00    Keynote 1: Should Neural Network Architecture Reflect Linguistic Structure?
Chris Dyer
10:00 - 10:15    Session 1
Chair: TBA
   Session 1 - Exploring the Syntactic Abilities of RNNs with Multi-task Learning
Émile Enguehard, Yoav Goldberg, and Tal Linzen
10:15 - 10:31    Session 1L - Lightning Talks for Poster Session
Chair: TBA
   Session 1L - The Effect of Different Writing Tasks on Linguistic Style: A Case Study of the ROC Story Cloze Task
Roy Schwartz, Maarten Sap, Ioannis Konstas, Leila Zilles, Yejin Choi, and Noah A. Smith
   Session 1L - Parsing for Grammatical Relations via Graph Merging
Weiwei Sun, Yantao Du, and Xiaojun Wan
   Session 1L - Leveraging Eventive Information for Better Metaphor Detection and Classification
I-Hsuan Chen, Yunfei Long, Qin Lu, and Chu-Ren Huang
   Session 1L - Collaborative Partitioning for Coreference Resolution
Olga Uryupina, and Alessandro Moschitti
   Session 1L - Named Entity Disambiguation for Noisy Text
Yotam Eshel, Noam Cohen, Kira Radinsky, Shaul Markovitch, Ikuya Yamada, and Omer Levy
   Session 1L - Tell Me Why: Using Question Answering as Distant Supervision for Answer Justification
Rebecca Sharp, Mihai Surdeanu, Peter Jansen, Marco A. Valenzuela-Escárcega, Peter Clark, and Michael Hammond
   Session 1L - Learning What is Essential in Questions
Daniel Khashabi, Tushar Khot, Ashish Sabharwal, and Dan Roth
   Session 1L - Top-Rank Enhanced Listwise Optimization for Statistical Machine Translation
Huadong Chen, Shujian Huang, David Chiang, Xin-Yu Dai, and Jiajun Chen
10:31 - 11:00    Coffee Break
11:00 - 12:30    Session ST1 - CoNLL-SIGMORPHON Shared Task
   Session ST1 - Universal Morphological Reinflection in 52 Languages
Mans Hulden, Ryan Cotterell, Christo Kirov, and John Sylak-Glassman
12:30 - 14:00    Lunch Break
14:00 - 15:30    Session ST2 - CoNLL Shared Task
   Session ST2 - Multilingual Parsing from Raw Text to Universal Dependencies
Dan Zeman, Jan Hajič, et al.
15:30 - 16:00    Coffee Break
16:00 - 17:15    Session 2
Chair: TBA
   Session 2 - Embedding Words and Senses Together via Joint Knowledge-Enhanced Training
Massimiliano Mancini, Jose Camacho-Collados, Ignacio Iacobacci, and Roberto Navigli
   Session 2 - Automatic Selection of Context Configurations for Improved Class-Specific Word Representations
Ivan Vulič, Roy Schwartz, Ari Rappoport, Roi Reichart, and Anna Korhonen
   Session 2 - Modeling Context Words as Regions: An Ordinal Regression Approach to Word Embedding
Shoaib Jameel, and Steven Schockaert
   Session 2 - An Artificial Language Evaluation of Distributional Semantic Models
Fatemeh Torabi Asr, and Michael Jones
   Session 2 - Learning Word Representations with Regularization from Prior Knowledge
Yan Song, Chia-Jung Lee, and Fei Xia
17:15 - 17:31    Session 2L - Lightning Talks for Poster Session
Chair: TBA
   Session 2L - Attention-based Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network for Automatic Essay Scoring
Fei Dong, Yue Zhang, and Jie Yang
   Session 2L - Feature Selection as Causal Inference: Experiments with Text Classification
Michael J. Paul
   Session 2L - A Joint Model for Semantic Sequences: Frames, Entities, Sentiments
Haoruo Peng, Snigdha Chaturvedi, and Dan Roth
   Session 2L - Neural Sequence-to-sequence Learning of Internal Word Structure
Tatyana Ruzsics, and Tanja Samardzic
   Session 2L - A Supervised Approach to Extractive Summarisation of Scientific Papers
Ed Collins, Isabelle Augenstein, and Sebastian Riedel
   Session 2L - An Automatic Approach for Document-level Topic Model Evaluation
Shraey Bhatia, Jey Han Lau, and Timothy Baldwin
   Session 2L - Robust Coreference Resolution and Entity Linking on Dialogues: Character Identification on TV Show Transcripts
Henry Y. Chen, Ethan Zhou, and Jinho D. Choi
   Session 2L - Cross-language Learning with Adversarial Neural Networks
Shafiq Joty, Preslav Nakov, Lluís Màrquez, and Israa Jaradat
17:31 - 18:31    Business Meeting
Friday, August 4, 2017 - Room TBA
08:45 - 09:45    Keynote 2: Rational distortions of learners' linguistic input
Naomi Feldman
09:45 - 10:15    Session 3
Chair: TBA
   Session 3 - Knowledge Tracing in Sequential Learning of Inflected Vocabulary
Adithya Renduchintala, Philipp Koehn, and Jason Eisner
   Session 3 - A Probabilistic Generative Grammar for Semantic Parsing
Abulhair Saparov, Vijay Saraswat, and Tom Mitchell
10:15 - 10:29    Session 3L - Lightning Talks for Poster Session
Chair: TBA
   Session 3L - Learning Contextual Embeddings for Structural Semantic Similarity using Categorical Information
Massimo Nicosia, and Alessandro Moschitti
   Session 3L - Making Neural QA as Simple as Possible but not Simpler
Dirk Weissenborn, Georg Wiese, and Laura Seiffe
   Session 3L - Neural Domain Adaptation for Biomedical Question Answering
Georg Wiese, Dirk Weissenborn, and Mariana Neves
   Session 3L - A phoneme clustering algorithm based on the obligatory contour principle
Mans Hulden
   Session 3L - Learning Stock Market Sentiment Lexicon and Sentiment-Oriented Word Vector from StockTwits
Quanzhi Li, and Sameena Shah
   Session 3L - Learning local and global contexts using a convolutional recurrent network model for relation classification in biomedical text
Desh Raj, Sunil Sahu, and Ashish Anand
   Session 3L - Idea density for predicting Alzheimer's disease from transcribed speech
Kairit Sirts, Olivier Piguet, and Mark Johnson
10:29 - 11:00    Coffee Break
11:00 - 14:00    Poster Session & Lunch
14:00 - 15:30    Session 4
Chair: TBA
   Session 4 - Zero-Shot Relation Extraction via Reading Comprehension
Omer Levy, Minjoon Seo, Eunsol Choi, and Luke Zettlemoyer
   Session 4 - The Covert Helps Parse the Overt
Xun Zhang, Weiwei Sun, and Xiaojun Wan
   Session 4 - German in Flux: Detecting Metaphoric Change via Word Entropy
Dominik Schlechtweg, Stefanie Eckmann, Enrico Santus, Sabine Schulte im Walde, and Daniel Hole
   Session 4 - ncoding of phonology in a recurrent neural model of grounded speech
Afra Alishahi, Marie Barking, and Grzegorz Chrupała
   Session 4 - Multilingual Semantic Parsing And Code-Switching
Long Duong, Hadi Afshar, Dominique Estival, Glen Pink, Philip Cohen, and Mark Johnson
   Session 4 - Optimizing Differentiable Relaxations of Coreference Evaluation Metrics
Phong Le, and Ivan Titov
15:30 - 16:00    Coffee Break
16:00 - 17:30    Session 5
Chair: TBA
   Session 5 - Joint Prediction of Morphosyntactic Categories for Fine-Grained Arabic Part-of-Speech Tagging Exploiting Tag Dictionary Information
Go Inoue, Hiroyuki Shindo, and Yuji Matsumoto
   Session 5 - Learning from Relatives: Unified Dialectal Arabic Segmentation
Younes Samih, Mohamed Eldesouki, Mohammed Attia, Kareem Darwish, Ahmed Abdelali, Hamdy Mubarak, and Laura Kallmeyer
   Session 5 - Natural Language Generation for Spoken Dialogue System using RNN Encoder-Decoder Networks
Van-Khanh Tran, and Le-Minh Nguyen
   Session 5 - Graph-based Neural Multi-Document Summarization
Michihiro Yasunaga, Rui Zhang, Kshitijh Meelu, Ayush Pareek, Krishnan Srinivasan, and Dragomir Radev
   Session 5 - A Simple and Accurate Syntax-Agnostic Neural Model for Dependency-based Semantic Role Labeling
Diego Marcheggiani, Anton Frolov, and Ivan Titov
   Session 5 - Neural Structural Correspondence Learning for Domain Adaptation
Yftah Ziser, and Roi Reichart
17:30 - 17:35    Best Paper Award
17:35 - 17:45    Closing Remarks